After several years and much success as a Civil Engineer, Jeff learned his passion lay in overseeing the whole project. This passion gained him an excellent working reputation of teamwork, undertaking challenging assignments, and responsiveness to clients.

Working in a corporate role and flying back and forth to San Francisco began to wear on Jeff and his family. Placing a high value on his kids and family, Jeff decided to take a leap and make a change starting his own business that would combine his passion and work life balance values.

Starting with no clients, $29 business cards from Kinkos, a borrowed office and a borrowed computer, Jeff was on his way. Jeff hustled and in the later part of 1996 he chose to submit a proposal for a three-year project management contract with John Wayne Airport up against big firms. After 6 months of determination, patience, interviews and negotiation, he caught a break and was awarded the contract and started work. It was still a couple of more months until any money came in. It was a hard road, but if you ever have the chance to ask him what he would do if he could do it all over, he would take the same path again and again.

JOA is set apart by more than work experience. The team providing top-level service and rising to challenges has made JOA different. JOA lives by a few key pillars that define our relationships, our services, our success:

We Raise the Bar – JOA never settles, we strive for excellence no matter how difficult the road.

We Lead, Not Follow – JOA is always willing to break the mold and look at tasks creatively; look outside the box.
We are Willing To Do New Things – JOA is willing to take risks, learn new things, be dynamic and strive for ways to improve.

We Prioritize Ethics and Trust – JOA once overbilled on an invoice on a project which was not caught until months after payment, they were told not to worry about it, but their next invoice had a line item deducted for that price. JOA protects their clients’ money and interests.

We Always Ensure Responsiveness – A client with a major $20 million cogeneration project needed an immediate jump on the project, so JOA began within the week and had a full-time onsite construction manager to ensure that the job got done timely and efficiently, despite being challenging and with many of moving parts.